How to Create a Refined Gentleman’s Den

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January 24, 2013 by gordonsfurniture

It is a dream that many of us men have, to be able to relax in the lap of sophisticated luxury. To be able to channel the non-sordid aspects of Hugh Heffner’s life within our very own home. A decanter of oak-aged brandy sat aside cigars rolled on the thighs of a virgin in our very own gentleman’s den. To be able to escape the exertions and rigours of daily, working life to an elegant retreat with incomparable reading material from the masters Huxley, Hemingway and Hugo seems like an almost unachievable dream.

However, if you have the space for such a den, this dream could quite easily become a reality. The first thing to do is to decide where to house such a luxury. Ideally it would be a private retreat away from the rest of the family, so needs to be out of the way and relatively excluded. Spare bedrooms, converted garages and external sheds are the most popular choices for a venue. The latter two will need to be checked for heating options and sufficient insulation lest you perish from the cold throes of winter.


Once you have found the space for your den, it is important to decipher exactly what you require in there to maximise your personal time. If you desire a space in which to read then it would be prudent to build a considerable bookshelf to house all of the reading material. Alternatively, if you require television then you must ensure that the space is correctly fitted with electricity and any necessary cable outputs.

Finally, it is important to decorate the room in a manner befitting its legacy. Rustic Oak Furniture provides a timeless sophistication to the room. Impressively elegant whilst ruggedly masculine; Rustic Furniture tip-toes the line between fashion and function perfectly to offer a unique and long-lasting décor solution. The furniture’s timeless appeal further ensures that you will not have to redecorate anytime soon either. Comfort is an important factor in the relaxation aspect of the room; investing in a Recliner Sofa will ensure that your comfort is at its peak at all times.


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